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NorthStar Tutors is a premier Hunterdon County NJ writing tutor center. Our unique in-person or virtual writing lessons are one-on-one with professional teachers. This approach allows our tutors to focus on each student’s weaknesses while reinforcing their strengths to achieve vast improvements in their student’s essay writing ability.

The ability to write clearly is the basis for effective communication in all avenues of life. At NorthStar Tutors, students learn to first identify the goal of their message and then to construct concise, clear, and compelling essays to achieve that goal. The skills instilled by our tutors are skills your student will carry with them through life.

Essay Writing in Academia

Effective essay writing is a skill used across the broad academic curriculum. When a student improves their essay writing skills, their newfound expression of thought and correct use of grammar can have a positive impact in all subjects. This is true regardless of where the student is in their academic journey.

NorthStar Tutors focuses on improving weaknesses in an individual student’s essay writing abilities through our customized one-on-one tutoring sessions. Our Hunterdon County tutors help students express themselves effectively and with confidence.

 College Admissions Essays

A college admission application essay is a student’s opportunity to convey their uniqueness to the admissions board in a clear, engaging manner.

Identifying that uniqueness and putting it together in a compelling story for the targeted school could mean the difference between acceptance and rejection. Essay writing for a specific purpose and goal is where NorthStar Tutors excels.

NorthStar Tutors’ individualized one-on-one tutoring helps students compose effective, engaging college admissions essays.

Hunterdon County Writing Tutors

The ability to communicate through the written word is critical and far-reaching, impacting virtually any educational path or career.

Whether college or private school applications, SAT or ACT standardized tests, letters to the editor, or op-ed opinion pieces, the power of a well-written, engaging essay cannot be overstated.


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