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NJ Academic Counseling Services at NorthStar Tutors

The NJ academic counseling services we offer at NorthStar Tutors is one more thing that sets us apart from the competition and positively impacts our success rate.

When your student has trouble in school, getting to the ‘why’ is very important. Understanding why they have difficulty grasping a subject or testing successfully is the first step to overcoming the obstacles that stand in their way.

At NorthStar Tutors, we understand that a student’s academic struggles can impact the entire family. Conversely, family issues can impact a student’s ability to do well academically. To address this, NorthStar offers counseling services for individuals, couples and entire families.

All NorthStar counseling services are conducted by certified, state-licensed professional counselors invested in helping students and their families succeed.


Professional Counseling for the Entire Family

NJ Academic Counseling

The first step to overcoming a student’s learning difficulties is to identify the root of their challenges. Only then can you develop strategies for moving on toward success.

At NorthStar Tutors, we offer individual student counseling for all grade levels focused on:

  • specific academic challenges
  • personal and social challenges.


Individual, Couples, & Family Counseling

A student’s struggles in school can affect the entire family, and family issues can affect a student’s performance in school, academically and socially. We at NorthStar address this with client-centered therapy for individuals, couples and families focused on:

  • cognitive family therapy
  • brief solution-based therapy.

Experts on Aging

It takes planning to age gracefully and live out your life in the manner you want. Unfortunately, we can’t always do that alone. That’s why NorthStar offers counseling services with licensed professionals who are experts on aging.

NorthStar’s counseling services are designed to help older adults and their families navigate the complexities of long-term planning.


Building Solutions Together

At NorthStar Tutors, our goal is for our students to succeed; sometimes that means stepping outside the classroom and dealing with all aspects of the student’s life. We understand that personal, social and family relationships can impact a student’s performance. Our NJ academic counseling services help students and their families build solutions that help them overcome the hurdles that may be hindering their path to success.

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