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  • are professional teachers with Master’s or PhDs
  • are exclusive to NorthStar
  • provide one-on-one tutoring
  • offer virtual or in-person tutoring
361 State Route 31, Suite 1501 – Building E, Flemington, NJ 08822

MATH tutors

All levels of Math, including algebra and geometry, taught by NorthStar Tutors’ professional teachers

SAT, ACT tutors

NorthStar Tutors provide effective, targeted standardized test preparation tutoring for SATs, ACTs, APs, GREs and more

Reading TUTORS

When improvements in reading and comprehension skills are needed, NorthStar Tutors can help

child study evaluations

NJ State Certified Child Study Evaluations conducted and/or IEPs prepared by qualified NorthStar Tutors’ staff

writing TUTORS

From basic writing to essay composition, NorthStar Tutors excel at improving an individual’s writing skills

Study Skills

NorthStar Tutors teaches effective study skills, organization & time management to improve academic performance in all subjects

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Years in Business in Hunterdon

combined years' teaching experience at the highest level

The Best

This is the best thing we’ve done for our daughter. 

Leah G.
Hunterdon Central Regional High School Parent
Fall 2021

SAT & College Interview Prep

You remember NorthStar assisted Aaron’s (HCRHS 2019) SAT and college interview preparations. He has decided on Case Western Reserve and has a $25,000/year merit scholarship. Please pass on our thanks to his two tutors for their help and professionalism. Your flexibility was also very much appreciated as I know his schedule was a challenging one.

Tracey B.

SAT Increases 140 Points!

Thank you, NorthStar! Dylan (HCRHS 2020) raised his SAT 140 points. There are many choices out there. We are so happy we found NorthStar Tutors. Talk about money well spent!

Debbie M.

Super Happy With ACT Score

Oliver’s (NHRHS 2018) hard work over the summer paid off. He took the ACT on December 14 and got a 35. He’s super happy and I’m relieved we are done with that part of the college application process. Please share the good news.

Kate H.

Purdue Acceptance

Nick (HCRHS 2019) has accepted his offer of admission—along with a substantial merit scholarship!—to Honors College, College of Engineering at Purdue, his top choice from Day One. Thanks again for the excellent help with SAT prep and college application essay. It all paid off.

Vivian P.

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NorthStar Tutors – A Community Tutoring Center

NorthStar Tutors, located in Flemington, NJ, is an independent, locally-owned tutoring center with 30 years’ familiarity with local school systems. We focus our efforts on each student’s individual needs and offer:

  • subject-specific tutoring
  • SAT and other standardized test preparation
  • essay writing guidance
  • homework & study skills strategies
  • independent child study evaluations
  • individual, couple & family counseling

One-on-One Tutoring

We understand that every student learns differently. That’s why we offer one-on-one instruction, in person or virtually, focused on those areas your student struggles with most. NorthStar guides students to their personal-best level of success. We also offer STEM and STEAM tutoring, and our math tutoring spans all levels. Other services include:

  • reading (comprehension, not speed)
  • writing (fundamentals and essay skills)
  • study skills and
  • time management / organizational skills.

Adapted to Your Student’s Learning Style

Our professional teachers are devoted to discovering their students’ individual learning styles. Once we discover how a student learns best, we tailor our sessions accordingly to help take the frustration out of learning. We find this personalized approach makes students more receptive to the process, increasing their potential for success.

Targeted Standardized Test Preparation

We apply this personalized approach to our standardized test preparation services, too. NorthStar Tutors:

  • evaluates each student’s strengths and weaknesses
  • custom tailors sessions to focus efficiently on your student’s specific needs.

At NorthStar Tutors, we teach your student how to test with confidence via universal learning skills that last a lifetime.

NorthStar Tutors’ Founder

Center Director Reid Boates

Reid Boates founded NorthStar Tutors in 2008 with the mission of “helping willing students work to their personal best.” A Hunterdon County parent himself, Reid wanted other Hunterdon County parents to have a local place where they could get enhanced tutoring services and individualized attention for their struggling students.

Reid comes from a celebrated background in the publishing industry, having worked at both Doubleday and Random House editing general interest works of several bestselling authors,* including the late Dave Thomas, philanthropist and founder of Wendy’s. It was Thomas who awarded Reid the coveted M.B.A. for “Mop Bucket Attitude,” a testament to Reid’s willingness to do whatever it takes to get the job done and to do it well.

Reid applies this attitude, along with his appreciation of the written word, to NorthStar Tutors where he personally tutors students in the areas of essay writing, reading comprehension and study skills.

Looking to set NorthStar Tutors apart from other SAT-prep centers, Reid employs professional teachers with master’s or PhDs, who are committed to helping students build their confidence. The tutoring services are enhanced by State-licensed counselors to help students overcome obstacles that may stand in the way of them reaching their personal levels of success. To date, NorthStar Tutors has helped more than 3,200 Hunterdon County students reach their academic goals.

*Manuscripts edited by Reid Boates include Word of Honor by Nelson DeMille; Marathon Man and Adventures in the Screen Trade by Oscar winner William Goldman; and three best-selling works by Dave Thomas.

“This is the best thing we’ve ever done for our daughter.”

Leah G.
Hunterdon Central Regional High School Parent
Fall 2021

Willing students benefit from working with NorthStar Tutors, the best one-on-one tutors in Hunterdon County, to achieve their personal best performance.

Start today for a better tomorrow!

NorthStar Tutors Serves a Broad Range of Needs

While we specialize in offering academic instruction for students seeking help outside the classroom, our services don’t stop there. We also offer independent child study evaluations; counseling (academic and psychotherapy); study skills including time management and organizational skills; services geared towards the growing aging population; and early learning instruction (reading and writing skills).


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NJ Child Study Evaluations

At times, a child’s academic struggles go beyond a simple inability to understand a certain concept. There are physical, cognitive, and emotional conditions that can impact a child’s abilities to learn through traditional methods. Identifying these conditions is the first step in overcoming the barriers to traditional learning, opening avenues for those children to reach their full potential.

Complete Evaluations & IEPs

NorthStar Tutors offers complete, independent Child Study Evaluations and Individualized Education Program (IEP) preparation performed by a three-person team comprising a state-licensed social worker, a learning consultant, and a school psychologist, with a final consolidated report composed by the school psychologist. We guarantee prompt processing, and we provide written IEPs and family consultation before and after each study. Our Child Study Evaluation results have been accepted and implemented by a number of public schools within our local school districts.

Study Skills, Time Management & Organizational Skills

Sometimes it isn’t a matter of not understanding the material. Some students do well in the classroom but can’t seem to complete the assignments. NorthStar Tutors can help here, too. Our faculty can provide students with strategies for improving their study skills, as well as organization and time management skills that will help them complete their assignments and get them in on time.

Counseling Services for Students and Families

When a child struggles academically, it can impact other areas of their life, particularly social and behavioral, and this can affect the entire family. To help in this area, NorthStar Tutors offers counseling and psychotherapy services for individuals and families.

Our high-level counselors are licensed by the State to work with children, teens, and adults. In addition to counseling students, NorthStar offers couples’ counseling, and family counseling to help the entire family cope with issues that may be hindering their student’s ability to reach their full potential. Our services include cognitive family therapy and brief solutions therapy for analysis and problem-solving.

Serving the Aging Population

NorthStar Tutors also recognizes the special circumstances confronting our elderly population. As we age, we are faced with many transitions that we and our families may not be prepared for. The NorthStar counselors are experts on aging and are available to help older adults and their families navigate the complexities of long-term planning necessary for making this transition a smooth one.