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The standardized test preparation tutors at NorthStar Tutors always focus instantly on the individual student’s needs, giving attention to specific segments of the tests as appropriate.


Improved scores on SAT standardized tests may make the difference in college acceptances and/or influence a college’s decision on awarding merit-based scholarships


A high ACT score can result in more options for students in terms of college acceptances and scholarship offerings. ACT test scores are based on a scale of 1 to 36


Ensure the best chance of a student bypassing basic college courses by preparing for the Advanced Placement (AP) exams; make the most of a student’s AP work with concentrated tutoring  


A high score on the Graduate Record Examation (GRE) is sure to have a direct and positive impact on an applicant’s graduate or business school application

Hi Reid, I am excited to tell you that I scored a 32 on my ACT! This score has put me within and above all of the schools I have been looking at. I couldn’t have done it without NorthStar and the best tutors ever! Thank you all for everything.

Your student, Sydney E. (HCRHS 2018)


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Standardized Test Preparation Tutors Helping Local Students Excel

Why Standardized Test Preparation Works

Standardized tests are meant to assess a student’s understanding of an accepted set of concepts. Through NorthStar Tutors’ Hunterdon County standardized test preparation sessions, students become familiar with the content, format, and timing of the standardized test before taking the actual exam. Because each standardized test follows a specific structure, knowing what to expect can help prepare a student. A well-prepared student familiar with the standardized test they are about to take can be more relaxed and comfortable. Anxiety and stress are reduced, and this alone can lead to better test scores.

Reviewing Concepts in Advance of Standardized Tests

As with most tests, one key to doing well is preparation. Upfront preparation is important to making sure students perform at their best possible level.

A student’s abilities can be developed through effort, good teaching and persistence. Everyone can improve with effort, dedication and review.

Keeping the information to be tested fresh in a student’s mind is crucial to standardized test preparation. Concepts covered over the course of a student’s academic career may have a solid foundation, but reviewing and refreshing those concepts can make all the difference in test scores.

What’s at Stake

Standardized tests are one component of the college application process—and still an important one. Colleges and universities use tests scores in determining a student’s academic abilities, and in assessing the student’s readiness for admission to that school. Solid test scores can give a student the edge they need in the competitive college application process. Many students benefit from one-on-one tutoring as part of their standardized test preparation.


With NorthStar Tutoring, a student becomes at ease with the essential parts of standardized tests—the multiple-choice question. The more experienced a student is with answering multiple-choice questions, the better they will do on the actual test. Our Hunterdon County standardized test preparation tutors provide guidance on the best way to approach the multiple-choice question, both mechanically and in terms of subject material. A NorthStar Tutors student will learn to develop critical thinking skills and how to

  1. Read the question completely before considering the answers,
  2. Read thoughtfully and think about a potential answer before relying on the multiple-choice options,
  3. Use the process of elimination to narrow down answers, and
  4. Deal with the dreaded “all of the above” and “none of the above” options.

Our Standardized Test Preparation Tutors Get Results

There are significant benefits to gain from NorthStar Tutors’ Hunterdon County standardized test preparation tutors. Our track record is impressive with a long list of college acceptances and scholarships awarded.

The goal of utilizing a Hunterdon County standardized test preparation tutor is, of course, to increase test scores. However, there are many benefits to gain from our one-on-one standardized test preparation tutoring sessions:

  • Increased confidence in approaching difficult problems,
  • An increased comfort level in applying complex math formulas,
  • Improved comprehension of verbal passages even when the vocabulary is not familiar,
  • Outlined strategies to avoid sacrificing valuable test time, 
  • Guidance and encouragement to prevent the student from feeling overwhelmed,
  • Increased motivation and reduced stress,
  • An additional, positive presence in the life of the student, and
  • Gaining life skills that can be used well beyond test day.

Thank you for working with our son and daughter (HCRHS) to obtain their solid scores in SAT and ACT . . . You guys are true allies for parents and students.

Priti P.

Willing students benefit from working with the best one-on-one tutors in Hunterdon County and achieve their personal best performance.

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