NorthStar Student Achievements

College Acceptances and Academic Grants

NorthStar Student Achievements

At NorthStar Tutors, our goal is to help our students reach their personal best academically. And we accomplish this . . . again and again. NorthStar student achievements atest to this.

The success of NorthStar’s tutoring services is evidenced by the rate and calibre of the college and university acceptances our students earn, as well as the amount of academic grants and merit scholarships they are awarded.

Nothing is more rewarding for us than to learn that our students have been accepted by their top choice schools and that the scholarships they’ve received have made their dreams of attending all the more attainable.

Academic success results from a combination of committed teachers and hard-working students. Over the past 14 years, NorthStar’s tutors have helped in excess of 3,200 students overcome learning obstacles, increase test scores and achieve their personal best. But don’t take our word for it. Read on to see just some NorthStar student achievements.

Accepted to 7 of 8 Schools

Hi, Reid. So far I have been accepted to 7 of my 8 schools with [merit offers] of $10K at Pitt, $16K at Northeastern, $20K at BU, and $25K at George Washington. I can honestly say I wouldn’t have gotten through the last two years without NorthStar. I can’t recommend enough that juniors work with [you] during their college application process!

Best, Emma K. (HCRHS 2014)

Thriving at West Point

Wanted to let you know Brian (HCRHS 2012) is thriving at West Point. Thanks to the great efforts at NorthStar, Brian substantially increased his SAT scores and as a result was admitted to USMA. Thanks again!

One Very Proud Mom!

5-Year Master's Program Acceptance

Samantha (Immaculata 2012) got into Drexel’s Honors 5-Year Masters Program/Physical Therapy, along with a merit schoolarship of $17,500/year. Woo Hoo!

Maria T. (All three daughters are NorthStar grads)

Truly Impressed

I am truly impressed with your services and all of your tutors. My son and daughter (HCRHS) both were tutored for SATs at NorthStar. I have and will continue to recommend NorthStar to anyone looking for help with SATs/ACTs. Thanks again.

Paula H.

NorthStar Student Acceptances & Scholarships

NorthStar students have reported acceptances to the following colleges and universities. Amounts in parenthesis indicate academic grants and/or merit scholarships awarded. In total, NorthStar students have been awarded upwards of $3.7 million in merit scholarships and academic grants.

Allegheny ($25K/yr)
Arcadia ($10K/yr)
Arizona State/Aeronautics
Army (USMA at West Point)
Bates College
Bentley College
Boston College
Boston University
Bucknell ($18K/yr)
Case Western Reserve ($25K/yr) Engineering
Clemson ($20K/yr)
CIA (Culinary Institute of America ($6K/yr)
Delaware Valley College
Dennison ($22K/yr)
Drexel ($17.5K/yr 5-Year Master’s)
Duquesne ($20K/yr)
Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University
Fairfield ($25K/yr)
Fairleigh Dickenson
Franklin & Marshall
George Mason ($20K/yr)
George Washington
Georgia Tech, Engineering
James Madison
Johns Hopkins

Kutztown State
Marist College ($12K/yr)
Michigan State
Monmouth College
Montclair State University
Muhlenberg College
Northeastern, Engineering
Notre Dame
Oklahoma State
Penn State
Philadelphia College
Purdue, Engineering
Quinnipiac University
Rochester University, Engineering
Roanoke ($25K/yr)
Rutgers, Main/Arts & Sciences
Rutgers, Business School
Savanna College of Art & Design ($5K/yr)
School of Visual Arts (NYC)
Sienna College
St. Joseph’s University ($22K/yr)
Stevens Inst. of Technology ($26K/yr)
Syracuse ($10k/yr)
Temple ($10K/yr)

Tulane ($22K/yr; $27K/yr)
UC Berkeley
UC Davis
U. Alabama/Nursing
U. California/Santa Barbara
U. Connecticut
U. Georgia
U. Delaware
U. Kansas
U. Maine
U. Maryland
U. Mass., Amherst ($10K/yr)
U. Michigan
U. Minnesota, Twin Cities Campus
U. Mississippi – Ole’ Miss
U. North Carolina, Chapel Hill
U. Pittsturgh, Honors PT
U. Rhode Island
U. Scranton
U. South Carolina, Business/Pre-Law
U. West Virginia
U. Wisconsin, Molecular Engineering
Villanova ($6K/yr)
Virginia Tech
Wake Forest
Westchester University
William & Mary
Worcestershire Polytech
York College of Pennsylvania

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