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A Little About NJ NorthStar Tutors

When asked about NJ NorthStar Tutors’ success rate, Reid Boates, founder and director of this Hunterdon County tutoring center, uses the following analogy:

“If this were baseball, we would be batting 950!”

Emphasizing Individual Results

Reid continues, “We’re devoted to proven individual results, not averages. Other tutoring services advertise X-points increase in SAT guaranteed, or, Your child will increase two grade levels. This is meaningless unless one loves irrelevant, outdated statistics.

“If our student, upon re-take, adds another 60 points to their already high SAT math score, resulting in Clemson University doubling their academic merit offer to $40K, those 60 points might as well be—well—40,000 points!

“The same goes for one of our students who raised their overall SAT from 950 to 1280. This changes the academic landscape of that student’s life.

NorthStar’s Version of A ‘Clean Sweep’

“Fourteen years into things, hundreds of Hunterdon families agree that NorthStar is ‘money well spent.’ Getting back to the sports analogy, we’ve been honored to provide dozens of local families our version of the ‘clean sweep,’ families who’ve brought both or all three or, in at least two instances, all five of their students the NorthStar way—that tells us something’s going right!”

NorthStar Tutor’s Reputation Speaks for Itself

Our history shows that we are here in your student’s best interest and our families agree:

“I will shout it from the rooftops.”
Lillian M. (HCRHS mom, March, 2022)


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