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Math Tutors

NorthStar Tutors comprises experienced and creative professional teachers who specialize in math tutoring. Our tutors are dedicated to teaching all levels of mathematics using traditional as well as modern approaches. Specialists, trained and certified to tutor students in basic math, as well as advanced, math skills, including algebra I and II and geometry, NorthStar Tutors offers one-on-one tutoring in-person or virtually.

Whether your student is struggling in class or looking to increase their math scores on their college entry exams, NorthStar Tutors can help. With our customized tutoring designed to meet each student’s individual learning style, your student not only gets the help they need but walks away with skills that will last a lifetime. Why wait? Call NorthStar Tutors today!


Basic Math Tutoring

At NorthStar, we help students understand the basic math principles.

Students learn to overcome the obstacles of dealing with math problems and their inability to understand and learn to successfully apply basic mathetmatics principles.

Algebra Tutoring

Students need to understand the broad concepts of algebra in order to grasp more advanced math applications.

At NorthStar Tutors, whether it’s Algebra I or II, trigonometry or pre-calculus, we assist students with our effective math tutoring.

Geometry Tutoring

Geometry tutoring is an area of expertise for our NorthStar tutors.

NorthStar Tutors’ individualized one-on-one tutoring helps students effectively increase their understanding of the concepts covered in their geometry courses.


NorthStar Tutors is a premier Hunterdon County NJ tutoring center. Our unique in-person or virtual tutoring sessions are one-on-one with professional teachers. This caliber of tutoring allows the tutor to focus on each student’s weaknesses while reinforcing their strengths to achieve vast improvements in their overall ability to understand basic and more complex mathematical concepts. ​

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