Independent NJ Child Study Team Evaluations

Certified Child Study Team Evaluations and IEPs

Independent NJ Child Study Evaluations

Independent NJ child study evaluations may be requested when parents and/or guardians believe it is in a child’s best interest to do so. These evaluations are sometimes necessary when a parent or caregiver disagrees with a previous assessment, is seeking a second professional opinion of a child’s learning classification or learning disability diagnosis, or a school denies a parent’s request for an assessment.

Evaluating A Student’s Eligibility for Special Services

In school environments, it’s the faculty who identify and recommend a child for learning evaluation by the child study team. The objective is, of course, to help a student by determining eligibility for special services.

At NorthStar, you—the parent or guardian—determine the need for such a study based on your personal observations and concerns, plain and simple. A child study evaluation here at NorthStar is and remains your personal property. You control whether to release the results of the study to your child’s school in confidence or, alternatively, to keep the results of the study entirely private. In the past when NorthStar studies have shown clinical, objective needs, our excellent local guidance departments have responded positively upon the parent’s or guardian’s submission of the study.

Benefits of an Independent NJ Child Study Evaluation

During the independent Child Study Evaluation, an in-depth analysis is performed on a multitude of factors. This in-depth analysis provides insight into a child’s learning profile and helps determine whether a student requires unique handling in a school setting. As a result of this analysis, a determination may be made through the independent NJ Child Study Evaluation to:

Special Education Services

Includes Individualized Education Plan (IEP) and personalized goals


Obtain school-provided services such as speech, language or physical therapy

Special Accommodations

Obtain a 504 Plan when a child is not eligible for special education K through 12

Admittance to Programs

Be admitted to the gifted and talented education program

Receive Advanced Degree Acommodations

Receive accommodations in college courses / graduate school

NorthStar’s Independent NJ Child Study Team

NorthStar’s independent NJ Child Study Team consists of a Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW), a Learning Disabilities Teacher-Consultant (LDTC), and a NJ school psychologist, all licensed through the State of New Jersey.

Written Individualized Education Plan (IEP)

An IEP is a legal document developed for the child who is eligible to receive special education and related services. Parental consent is required before any special education services can commence. IEPs can be produced as a result of NorthStar Tutors’ independent child study team evaluation and these IEPs must be implemented by the child’s school.

Family Consultation Before and After Evaluation

A family consultation takes place before and after each independent child study team evaluation administered by NorthStar Tutors.

If you feel you have a need for an independent NJ child study team evaluation, contact NorthStar Tutors to discuss your student’s unique situation. 

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