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 NorthStar Tutors has early learning specialists on staff for reading, writing and study skills.

NorthStar Tutors provides full-scale academic counseling for grades K through 12.

NorthStar Tutors specializes in reading comprehension and writing for all levels. 

The Hunterdon County subject tutors at NorthStar Tutors always focus instantly on their individual student’s needs, customizing tutoring sessions to help all their students achieve their personal best.

Hunterdon County Subject Tutors

The Hunterdon County subject tutors at NorthStar Tutors offer academic assistance to students in all subjects—math, science, reading and writing. In our 14 years of operation, we have successfully tutored some 3,200 students helping them to improve performance, gain acceptance to choice colleges and universities, and earn academic grants. Conveniently located in Flemington on the southbound lane of Route 31, NorthStar Tutors differs from other tutoring centers in that all of our tutoring is offered one-on-one by professional teachers with advanced degrees.

NorthStar Tutors Is Staffed by Professional Teachers

At NorthStar Tutors, we only hire professional teachers who have advanced degrees (master’s or Ph.D.s) and experience in sharing their knowledge with others. We have nothing against high school honor roll students who want to help their peers. We think that is a good thing, but we firmly believe that professionals with an in-depth knowledge of their subject and trained and schooled in the art of teaching is a student’s best chance for surmounting their academic hurdles. All of our dedicated tutors possess either a master’s or PhD, giving NorthStar a distinct advantage over other local tutoring centers.

NorthStar Tutors Offers Individual Tutoring Sessions

Based on our experience, one-on-one tutoring offers a student a unique learning environment, setting the student up for success. After an initial assessment, our tutors develop a learning methodology which allows the student to experience a different kind of learning, giving them the potential to reach new skill and confidence levels. This is only possible with one-on-one tutoring. (Under special circumstances, NorthStar Tutors will provide one-on-two tutoring sessions.)


Benefits of NorthStar Tutors’ One-on-One Subject Tutoring

Kids Have a Resource

It is frustrating when a student struggles. Concepts are difficult to understand, and teachers may not be available for extra help.

The Hunterdon County subject tutors at NorthStar Tutors are a resource for both struggling and advanced students with a desire to learn. Our tutors are dedicated to helping students understand their material and get answers to their questions.

NorthStar Tutors’ students benefit greatly from lessons tailored to their specific learning needs.

Extra Help Is Readily Available

Teachers are required to cover a set curriculum during the school year. Because of that, it’s sometimes difficult for them to go further in-depth in any one specific topic.

With NorthStar’s one-on-one tutoring, our tutors are able to spend as much time as necessary on a topic to allow the student to grasp the concept prior to moving on. This targeted, extra help lends itself to a deeper understanding.

Personalized Learning

Struggling students spend time working through troublesome topics; other students explore new and interesting topics.

NorthStar’s tutors incorporate a personalized touch. If a student enjoys sports or music, for example, our sessions incorporate that passion into the student’s lessons. In this way, we connect with our students on a very personalized level. When tutoring subjects students are not thrilled about, this approach helps by making new topics more interesting.

Ask Questions More Easily

It isn’t always easy for students to ask questions in a traditional school setting. This has been made even more difficult during the recent pandemic where remote learning sessions were held with large groups of students via screen sharing and mute/unmute activities.

And asking questions in class often draws attention that isn’t always welcomed by all students.

At NorthStar Tutors, questions are not only answered, they are encouraged by our professional teachers.

Confidence Is Improved

Knowing their NorthStar Tutors’ sessions are a forum where questions and in-depth learning of a particularly troublesome area are available gives our students more confidence.

A student’s confidence grows as they experience success in learning a difficult concept. That confidence carries through to the traditional classroom setting and beyond.

When NorthStar Tutors’ students feel more comfortable learning, their motivation to learn more increases.


Because NorthStar’s tutoring is one-on-one, the student is held more accountable and may feel more compelled to perform.  There is no possibility of unexpectedly being called on to answer a question in class. The interaction between the NorthStar tutor and the student is constant; it is the student being tutored who is responsible for answering all questions – there is nowhere to hide.

With accountability increased, empowerment also will increase as the student begins to hold themselves more accountable.

Hunterdon County Tutors

NorthStar Tutors is a premier Hunterdon County NJ tutoring center. Our unique in-person or virtual tutoring sessions are one-on-one with professional teachers. This caliber of tutoring allows our Hunterdon County tutors to focus on each student’s weaknesses while reinforcing their stengths to achieve vast improvements in a student’s ability to understand both basic and more complex concepts. ​


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