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Premier Hunterdon County reading tutors, NorthStar Tutors, provides one-on-one assistance to students who struggle with reading and comprehending the written word. Our goal is to have each student become a fluent and confident reader, developing comprehension skills required to understand what is being read. These reading comprehension skills will serve your student throughout their academic years and beyond, helping them to become more effective communicators in school and at work.

Comprehension is a complex thinking process requiring the reader to construct meaning from the text, and children need explicit instruction in reading comprehension. The role of NorthStar Tutors is to introduce students to various problem-solving strategies that will help them interpret and understand the material they read and join in discussions related to that material. With this type of support, the student becomes a more proficient reader.

A Two-Prong Approach by Hunterdon County Reading Tutors

Decoding words is the ability to sound out a written word and to then figure out the spoken word it represents. This is a fundamental of reading. Comprehension of what is read goes beyond decoding words; it is undertanding what the word represents. Without understanding, decoded words mean very little.

While decoding is fundamentally important, comprehension strategies are needed to fully understand what is read. Our reading tutors can help struggling students master reading fundamentals, such as decoding. Once that is accomplished, NorthStar Tutors can introduce strategies to help students understand the context. These comprehension strategies are used before, during and after something is read. At NorthStar Tutors, we model comprehension strategies and help the student understand when and how to use them to gain a fuller understanding of the material they read.


With NorthStar Tutors as your student’s reading tutor, they will begin to master new sight words, decipher new vocabulary using content, and establish strategies to improve reading comprehension and analysis.

Over time, the student will be more motivated to read, instilling even more confidence in their reading skills.


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